"Elf Advice" Cards

$ 12.00

The Elf is so much fun, but it can be a lot of work! Are you already dreading the elf's appearance? This year, turn a fun and whimsical tradition into an occasion to also teach valuable lessons to your little ones!   Included are 24 cards with the following lessons: 1. Be a Giver 2. Brush Your Teeth 3. Apologize 4. Stay Warm (for the little one who can't seem to keep her hat on!) 5. Forgive 6. Help Out 7. Try Healthy Foods 8. Go to Bed on Time 9. Be Proud of Yourself 10. Pick Up Your Toys 11. Be Patient 12. Say Thank You 13. Be Positive 14. Listen 15. Be Confident 16. Do Your Homework 17. Ask Nicely 18. Be a Friend 19. Give Your Best Effort 20. Be Grateful 21. Read 22. Say Your Prayers 23. Share 24. Love Yourself We hope you enjoy! (NOTE: Elf and Props not included)