Danica Studio Swedish Sponge Dishcloth

$ 6.99

A Wild Rider flies by on his bike straight into your kitchen. Sourced from authentic Swedish manufacturers, each thin sponge expands and becomes soft and pliable as soon as absorbs water. When wet, each sponge cloth holds 15 times its weight in water or liquids, making it highly absorbent and useful when washing dishes or cleaning up spills. No need to buy paper towels, simply switch to this eco-friendly, reusable alternative. This versatile dishcloth can wipe counters and quickly soak up wet spills in the kitchen, but it's also practical for cleaning tasks all around the home. Use it with almost any cleaning product to wipe mirrors or spotty faucets in the bathroom, leaving a streak-free finish. Its lint-free design makes it the ultimate dusting companion. Just a little dampness on the sponge cloth gathers up dust from furniture, fixtures and even TV screens and computer monitors