BathSci Interactive Tub Experiment Toy Set

$ 19.95

Elevate your child's bath time into a science exploration with our 20-piece Science Experiment Bath Toy Set. Designed like mini lab equipment, this fun-filled toy set allows your little scientists to conduct their own experiments right in the tub. 🧪 Fun Science-Themed Design: With items like beakers, droppers, test tubes, and flasks, kids can engage in exciting water play, setting up their very own laboratory in the bathtub. 🔧 Easy Installation & Cleanup: Equipped with suction cups and a mesh bag, these toys are easily attachable on the tub wall and just as easy to pack away after bath time, promoting a tidy play area. 🧠 Educational Playtime: Our bath toys not only offer endless fun but also stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and interest in science, contributing to your child's overall development. Package Dimensions:7.1*7.1*3.5inch Recommended Age: Ideal for kids aged 3 years and up. Material: Crafted from non-toxic and high-quality soft silicone rubber material.