Beast Cards – Honey Bee Tees

Beast Cards $ 30.00

Introducing JM's Beast cards!

JM's Beast card game is a game of strategy for all ages.  Consisting of 120 artistic animal cards hand-drawn by John Martin Stickler, age 9.  There are four categories of cards: Commons (50 cards), Rare (30 cards), Legendary (25), and Mythical (15).  Two players battle it out in a game of art, math, and science. 

Common (50 cards); Includes 50 hand-drawn cards of real animals.

Rare (30 cards); Includes 30 hand-drawn cards of real animals.

Legendary (25 cards); Includes 25 hand-drawn cards of dinosaurs and other legendary creatures. 

Mythical (15 cards); Includes 15 hand-drawn cards of fictitious creatures.

Instructions included with game.