Baby Girl Linen Romper Ruffled Sleeve Dressy Gabriella style

$ 32.00

Baby Girl Dressy Linen Romper outfit Current batch runs true to size Our Gabriella Romper features Ruffled shoulders with long sleeves perfect for early Spring and cooler Easter weather. Consciously made color for our Spring and Easter collection. Why are linen clothes so beautiful and popular? Linen is very durable, Naturally derived from plants which makes it super sustainable. Linen is an ancient fabric which gives clothing the rustic country look and feel. Linen is still highly loved and used around the world for high end clothing and textiles! Because we make 100% of our clothing for babies and small children, we have selected a softer linen for our Rompers by making our linen a Cotton-Linen Blend. Blending cotton into our linen, softens the rough feeling of linen, which is a natural characteristic of linen. Our blend helps babies feel comfortable, Yet still preserves the natural esthetic of the rustic Linen look!