Dino Love Short Sleeve Pajamas – Honey Bee Tees

Dino Love Short Sleeve Pajamas $ 15.75 $ 22.50

Our dino love design is hand screened in white and pink on a green pajama top. The pants are green and white stripe. 

These pajamas are snug fitting.  95% cotton and 5% spandex. SO SOFT!



2 shirt: 15.5in long x 10.25in wide

2 pants: 19in long x 8.25in waist x 11.5in inseam

4 shirt: 17in long x 11in wide

4 pants: 22.5in long x 9in waist x 14.75in inseam

6 shirt: 18.25in long x 12in wide

6 pants: 25in long x 10in waist x 16.5in inseam

8 shirt: 19.5in long x 12.75in wide

8 pants: 27.5in long x 10.5in waist x 18.25in inseam


14 shirt: 21.75in long x 15.5in wide

14 pants: 34in long x 13.5in waist x 24in inseam